5 Motorcycle Accident on LA’s 210 on April 16 2016

According to KTLA, An accident took place on westbound 210 Saturday evening, involving five motorcycles and two passenger vehicles. Around 7 P.M., firefighters received reports of the accident and dispatched a rescue team. When they first arrived on the scene, they immediately determined that at least five or six people had been injured, but the extent of those injuries is not yet known. According to a Highway Patrol incident log, several motorists stopped at the scene to render aid to the injured parties.

Removing the damaged vehicles required four flatbed tow trucks. And immediately following the crash, police ordered the closure of both carpool lanes so that responders could safely clear the scene. Reports indicated that traffic was heavy at the time of the incident. Police advised other motorists to avoid the route until the accident was resolved. However, the lane closures only lasted until 8:40 P.M. At this time, the cause of the crash remains unknown.


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