BMW 5-Series Ripped in Half in Spectacular Crash in LA, Driver an Passenger Killed

This was a terrible accident and my prayers are with the families. Two teens were killed in this devastating accident.

A 2001 BMW 5 Series entered an intersection on Vanowen Street at a very high rate of speed, hit a car making a left and crashed into a fired hydrant and a street light pole. Electrical wires charged water on the ground which was a result of the fountain created by the accident.

Lawsuits likely?

This page, Injured Passengers in Los Angeles Car Accidents, says that “Generally speaking, if the driver hits something, they did so out of negligence.” That appears likely in this accident. The passenger likely had no control over the vehicle in this tragic crash.

BMW 5 series

In 2001, the 5 series came in a variety of configurations. The V8 model has a 4.4L engine. This is what a stock 2001 model looks like:

2001 BMW 5 series



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