Choosing a Los Angeles Car Accident Lawyer

I am going to admit right up front here that I am biased. We follow this blog very closely and are thoroughly impressed with this comprehensive page about car accidents in LA, which can help anyone involved in any type of motor vehicle accident.

That said…

Choosing a car accident lawyer

Choosing the best lawyer for legal help after someone else caused your car accident can be very overwhelming. A Google search pulls up over one million results, there are ads on Metro buses, billboards, on phone books and more.  All of the lawyers look good in their advertisements, so how do you decide?

Do you need an attorney?

This is not legal advice, but if you have a couple of medical bills or were in a fender bender, chances are you can handle your own insurance claims. It gets tricky when there were multiple parties to blame, serious injuries, fatalities, or traumatic injuries and the other party doesn’t want to pay.

In that case, you probably want an attorney who:

  • You like! There are pros and cons to working with a huge firm. Maybe you just want a smaller firm with 10 or so employees, where your attorney or case manager will be easily accessible.
  • Experienced and knowledgeable. Insurance companies know which attorneys are willing to take a case to trial, and which

Minor injuries could include cuts, bruises, bloody noses, soreness, swelling. And of course, property damage.

Serious injuries include lacerations, cuts requiring multiple stitches, broken bones, amputations or traumatic injuries.

Here is a video an attorney in Arizona put together, but contains information useful to people in LA or anywhere in the United States:


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  1. Burt Silver says:

    My brother was recently involved in a pretty serious car accident. Both parties are claiming the other is at fault, so he wants to find a lawyer to help him prove his case. I like that you mentioned to find a lawyer that you like. You will be working very closely with them, so it is important to find somebody you can stand to spend time with.

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