Drunken 26 Year Old Kills 4 Month Old Baby Girl on LA Freeway November 2016

NBC LA is reporting that Jared Silvestri has been arrested on suspicion of felony drunken driving. He was behind the wheel of a speeding Chevy that slammed into the rear of a Chrysler, severely injuring its occupants, killing one of them, a 4 month old girl.

In horrible accidents like this, survivors and victims can sue not only for injuries and death, but also punitive damages. According to this lawyer’s article on drunk driving car accidents and punitive damages, “Compensatory damages are meant to reimburse a plaintiff for their economic loss such as medical bills and expenses, property damage, loss of earning capacity, and other incurred losses”.

Prison for the drunken driver?

In California, a DUI resulting in death is usually a felony – vehicular manslaughter DUI. Gross vehicular manslaughter is a different charge and includes crimes such as driving the wrong direction on the freeway. In this case in partiicular, the driver is indeed looking at jail, although he may end up with 5yrs.

How long do you think he should go to jail for, if he is found guilty of driving while intoxicated?


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  1. Brittainy says:

    Friends of the parents made a Go Fund Me page. Please share and donate anything you can to help this family in their time of need. https://www.gofundme.com/ourangelmelanie?ssid=797954835&pos=2

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