DUI Accident Kills Anaheim Woman Celebrating Birthday

In 2016, almost everyone  understands that you shouldn’t drink and drive.

However, when you do drink to excess, some people tend to forget or disregard it and this can have catastrophic consequences.

Take a recent accident in the Los Angeles area on May 5 2016.

A man and woman were driving near Overlake at nearly 4:00 in the morning when the 1964 Dodge Dart they were in ran off the road on Lake Forest Drive and smashed into a tree.

They were both unresponsive and had to be cut out of the vehicle with the jaws of life.  Both were taken to Mission Hospital.

The woman, who was named Jessica Luja, had just turned 26 and was likely out celebrating her birthday.

Sadly it would be her last as she didn’t survive. Here’s the coroner’s report.

The driver underwent surgery but is expected to survive and will likely be charged with DUI and vehicular manslaughter. He could also face a murder charge.

The driver has more pressing concerns, and Ms. Lujan is no longer able to have a voice in this situation, but her family could certainly file suit.

The man behind the wheel is almost certain to serve jail time but whatever assets he has are certainly at risk as well. He has been arrested for this before as well.

We don’t know his identity and we don’t know his circumstances, but if he has a wife and children, they could, through no fault of their own, lose everything.

While the situation could have been avoided, the consequences now cannot.

The image in this article is a ’64 Dodge Dart, but not the car involved in the accident, which was a hard top.



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