Hit-And-Run Kills One Pedestrian In Santa Ana

On October 19, 2018, one pedestrian in Santa Ana lost his life in a hit-and-run collision.

According to ABC-7, this crash happened near the South Coast Global Medical Center at 5:30AM. Allegedly, one car traveling on Bristol Street struck a male pedestrian and kept driving.

When first-responders arrived on the scene, they soon pronounced the pedestrian dead from his injuries.

Police officers were able to track down the driver involved in this collision and are now investigating the cause of this crash.

Basics On California’s Policies For Car Crashes

Anyone in California involved in an accident where another person has been injured is required by law to remain on the scene and call 911 immediately. Drivers must also exchange contact numbers, IDs, and insurance info with the injured driver and/or a peace officer.

Drivers are also required to stop their vehicle if they strike another person’s property, which could include a home, an unoccupied car, or an animal. If possible, find the property owner to exchange contact and insurance information. At the very least, leave a clearly visible note that explains the collision and lists your contact info.

The two laws governing the Golden State’s hit-and-run policies include California Vehicle Code (CVC) §20001 and §20002. CVC §20001 lists the penalties for a hit-and-run in which you fail to render aid to an injured person, whereas CVC §20002 deals with hit-and-runs that result in property damage.

For more information on California’s hit-and-run policies, please check out this helpful link on the CA’s DMV website.


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