GPS Sends Driver On Wrong Way On To Train Tracks With His Kids

Have you ever had Google Maps or Waze drop you off in the rear of a restaurant or the middle of a shopping center’s parking lot? It happens all the time.

Your phone could have poor GPS capabilities or it could simply be the app leading you to a place that’s… WRONG.

That’s probably what happened this week in Riverside California when a man found himself about to be hit by a train. Thankfully, he was able to rescue one child and the second escaped without serious injury!!! The car was totally destroyed, however, the train was going 30 and basically sideswiped it. You can see a video of the car here on CBS Local.

The boy was later treated for minor abrasions at Loma Linda Children’s Hospital.

This accident occurred in Riverside at Marborough and Chicago avenues.

If you happen to know which GPS system he was using, please comment below!


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