Hit-and-Run Crash in Hancock Park Causes Death

On September 6th, 2017 one man died and another was transported to the hospital after a hit and run car crash in Hancock Park. The drive of a white pickup truck struck a pedestrian near Beverly Boulevard and Normandie Avenue before fleeing the scene of the crash. With the white pickup traveling in speeds excess of 70 mph it collided with a blue vintage Ford Bronco traveling northbound on Highland Avenue. There were empty beer cans found in the hit and run vehicle.

Witnesses of the accident stated that the driver of the white pickup truck was ejected from the vehicle. He later died at the scene. The driver of the Ford Bronco was taken to a nearby hospital with broken ribs.┬áThe impact of the collision was so powerful, a piece of metal flew into a nearby residence and onto a child’s crib. There was a child in the crib but fortunately it was not struck by the piece of metal. The collision was reported just after 1:00 a.m. near Beverly Boulevard.

It is interesting that a piece of shrapnel was thrown from the older model Ford vehicle. The impact with the white pickup truck had to be such that it hit at an angle in which the metal flew off and into the baby crib. We are very pleased to hear the baby in the crib was not injured.

Have you witnessed a Los Angeles car accident in which a part of one vehicle flew off and into nearby bystanders?


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