Honda Prelude Hits Back of a Dump Truck Causing Major Car Accident

We often hear of major big rig truck accidents here in Los Angeles but it can sometimes be the truck accidents with dump trucks, dually trucks and large pickup trucks that cause the most severe injuries. On June 8th, 2015 a high school student on his way to his graduation was in a terrible car accident in which a Honda Prelude hit the back of a dump truck causing tremendous damage to the small car. One of the passengers in the car who was set to graduate that particular day lost his life. Our hearts and concerns go out to the loved ones, friends and family members of this young man that did not get to fulfill his dream of graduating high school.

By looking at the photos of this Honda Prelude car crash we can clearly see the front of the vehicle has been demolished. There has been very little documentation on the health of the driver but both the driver and passenger sides of the black Honda were completely compromised. Unfortunately, this is not all that uncommon when a smaller vehicle gets “stuck” under a larger vehicle. A Honda Prelude is very low to the ground and the clearance is right at the level in which dump trucks have most of their undercarriage. Any of the spokes or pieces of metal under the dump truck can grab the top of a small car and rip it off.

If you are driving around these types of vehicles it is best steer clear of them unless it is absolutely necessary to be close to them. Even when driving at 10 or 15 mph the damage of a car vs dump truck accident can be severe.


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