What are Human Proof Google Cars?

We heard a rumor that tomorrow, July 3 2016 the LA Times will release an article on their front page about Google’s self driving cars and how they will be human proof. It got us wondering, what exactly is human proof?

When babies are able to crawl, or even before, people baby proof their homes, at least to the best of their ability. It is amazing what kids find to get in to. The crib mattress must be lowered so they don’t climb over the railing, cords must be off of the ground so baby doesn’t yank on them, chew them, or wrap them around their neck. Outlets, of course, must be plugged up so that baby doesn’t stick their fingers into them. Still, babies will usually find some kind of mischief to get into such as the cat’s water bowl or a table with pointy corners.

Is this what Google will do for their self driving cars? People get injured in vehicles by falling asleep, driving drunk, speeding, taking selfies, texting, applying makeup and even reading books.

Does this mean no gas pedals?

No steering wheels?

No more jumping Dodge Chargers?



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2 Responses

  1. Albert Valloni says:

    It’s never been too late! Thanks Mark Zuckerberg!!! C’est la bonne route, this is the right road for the car industry!!!

  2. Tom L. says:

    Google needs to consider Skunkworking its”Driverless” Cars in order to make them human proof. Man comes before machine.

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