LAPD Officer Injured in Motorcycle Accident in Fullerton CA August 22 2016

An off duty officer was badly injured in Fullerton California this week in a collision involving a 2005 Toyota Sequoia SUV at Commonwealth and Basque avenues.

According to LA Times the officer was off duty and was assigned to the LAPD’s Wilshire Division.

At the time of this article the officer has not been named due to his family being notified.

This accident took place at N Basque Ave & Commonwealth, a very busy intersection.

It is not clear who was at fault in this accident however it appears that the Toyota was possibly making a left hand turn. Left hand turns are very dangerous to motorcycle riders when a car pulls out in front of them, sometimes leaving them nowhere to go but into the vehicle that pulled out in front of them.

I hope that this officer is ok and makes some sort of recovery.

Please be aware of motorcycles.


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