Left-Turn Crashes Cause Safety Concerns For LA Drivers

Los Angeles is known for many fabulous things—but road safety is not one of them. Heck, some people might claim the “City of Angels” is positively “demonic” when it comes to traffic crashes.

Survey after survey awards LA the dubious honor of being one of America’s most dangerous cities for motorists. In fact, data from 2019 suggests a staggering 240 Angelenos lost their lives in car crashes. Between 2009 – 2019, traffic-related deaths rose by 32 percent.

Even though Vision Zero LA is trying to improve this situation, locals have to be proactive about their traffic safety. Unfortunately, we never know who’s going to be on the roads while we’re driving. Although we can’t prepare for traffic collisions, we can review our rights under the California Vehicle Code.

Tragic Crash At Van Nuys Intersection Kills One Driver

On August 7, 2020, we received news of yet another fatal crash in Los Angeles. Before 9 PM in Van Nuys, a teen driver lost his life in a two-car collision.

According to ABC-7, this crash happened between Vanowen Street and Odesa Avenue at the 16000 block. Responding officers say the first crash victim likely died on impact. The other driver involved in this collision remained on the scene and is now working with the LAPD.

At this point, LAPD hasn’t released the cause of this crash. However, an initial investigation suggests the teen driver was attempting to turn when the other driver slammed into the vehicle.

Anyone who has info on this crash should give LAPD a call ASAP.

Who’s at Fault in Left-Turn Crashes?

When we hear about crashes involving a left turn, most people immediately assume the driver that’s turning is at fault. The reason for this mostly has to do with California’s right-of-way laws. According to the California Vehicle Code, anyone who intends to make a left turn or a U-turn must yield to oncoming traffic until it’s safe to do so.

However, this doesn’t mean all left-turn crashes are cut and dry. There are many cases where the driver heading straight might be fully or partially responsible for the collision. For instance, the non-turning vehicle might have been traveling well above the posted speed limit or ignored a red light. The angle of the collision, speed, and other guiding circumstances also have an impact on the accident. These conditions can also impact the types and severity of injuries the drivers and passengers sustain.

Please don’t let the fact that you or a loved one was turning at the time of a crash stop you from seeking justice. Be sure to speak with an experienced auto accident lawyer after an auto accident to better understand your rights.

If you’d like to learn more about California’s right-of-way standards for left-turning drivers, please click this link to CVC Ch. 4, § 21800 – 21809.


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