How To Get $10K for Los Angeles Sidewalk Repairs- Make Sidewalks Safe Again

As the second largest city in the U.S., Los Angeles has a population of almost four million people and covers a radius of over 500 square miles. Because the city is so large geographically, there are miles of sidewalks that connect the city. Unfortunately, most of the sidewalks inside the city limits are old, cracked and in extreme disrepair. They have become hazardous, and the cost for the city to fix them is overwhelming.

This is a unique problem for a 21st-century city the size of L.A., so city officials had to create a unique solution. Citizens using wheelchairs, walkers or canes found portions of the sidewalks completely inaccessible, so in April 2015, Safe Sidewalks L.A. was born as the answer to make the sidewalks safe again. This announcement settled the ADA lawsuit that had been presented to the city concerning the condition of L.A.’s sidewalks by several groups in the area and generates an acceptable way to improve the entire city.

This program allowed for residential and commercial owners to receive a rebate of $2,000 for residential and $4,000 for commercial owners when the sidewalks on their property were reconstructed up to code. To date, this program has 1,100 applicants, but after a year, officials thought there would be a better response if the cap on the reimbursement was raised.

So, on Tuesday, Septemeber 16, the L.A. City Council and the Department of Engineers made an exciting announcement to all property owners in L.A. with a higher incentive. The department announced that the city of Los Angeles would pay up to a $10,000 rebate for residential and commercial property owners who wanted to participate in beautifying their city with new sidewalks.

The procedure is very simple, and if property owners across the city get on board with the program, L.A. will be a safer and more beautiful city in no time. Installing accessible sidewalks that are up to code and removing tree roots and other barriers that are destroying the sidewalks will give the city an amazing facelift, the handicapped will be able to move about around the city with no problems, and people will stop getting injured on LA’s sidewalks.

How to Receive Benefits from the L.A. Safe Sidewalks Program

If the sidewalk on your property is damaged, the owner must first register online to receive the rebate. A city employee will be dispatched to your location to prepare an estimate that is compliant with the American with Disabilities Act. If you would like to participate in this incredible program, go to myla311 to apply.

The owner is required to pay the initial costs of the repairs, and after the work has been completed, the rebate will be sent. In the past, the repayment was designed to cover half of the estimated repair costs, but with the updated reimbursement, the rebate will cover a much larger percentage of the cost for the owner.

Safe Sidewalks of L.A. offers this spectacular opportunity for its citizens to take responsibility and improve the look of their amazing city. With over 80 million tourists visiting L.A. annually, the new look will be shared around the world. L.A. has agreed to contribute $31 million a year for 30 years to the program and by adhering to the codes, curb ramps for the disabled will be installed uniformly throughout the city.

This new cap of $10,000 should entice and empower more property owners to work together to improve their city. The process is simple and a short, concentrated timeline for home and business owners to receive their rebate.


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