How Many People Use Cell Phones While Driving in Los Angeles?

In a 2013 study it was determined that at any given moment during daylight hours in the United States 660,000 drivers are using cell phones or some type of electronic device while driving. This number continues to climb each and every year. This means thousands of Los Angeles drivers are using a cell phone while being the wheel of a moving very every single day. These statistics are very scary as distracted driving is one of the top causes of car accidents. Find out much more at this Los Angeles car accident lawyer resource.

“In 2013, the most recent year for which statistics are available, there were 3,154 people killed and 424,000 injured in motor vehicle crashes involving distracted drivers (NHTSA, 2015). Ten percent of fatal crashes, 18 percent of injury crashes, and 16 percent of all police-reported motor vehicle traffic crashes in 2013 were reported as distraction-affected crashes (NHTSA, 2015).”

-This information was obtained from Robson Forensic.

Since the launch of this website we have written resources and blog posts explaining the dangers of getting behind the wheel of a vehicle with distractions. In years past those distractions were rubber necking, changing the radio station or finding your favorite CD. Now, drivers are looking at Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter and even watching YouTube videos. When behind the wheel of any motored vehicle we strongly suggest paying 100% attention to the road. Driving in Los Angeles is challenging enough and drivers should not make it even more difficult by trying to text and drive.

While there are laws against texting and driving or using a smartphone while driving these laws are hard to enforce. Not long ago there was a major battle over whether drivers could use their smartphones as GPS devices. In a recent article it was explained that Google killed the GPS device six years ago in November. While the uses of Google Maps have been fantastic it can also be extremely dangers because most people using Google Maps are using their cell phone for other things.

A Personal Injury Attorney in Central Islip, NY recommends avoiding distracted driving by never driving while drowsy, not eating and driving, and saving your phone for emergencies only.


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