Should I get a massage after a car accident?

I was discussing massages and car accidents with a friend today who had a neck injury from being rear-ended.

It occurred to me that many people must not search for massage therapy until they’ve received an injury. Then, I started my search of the benefits.

A quick Internet search revealed that some massage therapists actually market this or at least write about it on their websites. One in particular said “The methods and techniques used will depend on the type and severity of your injuries, but the primary goals of massage therapy are going to be reducing stress, reducing pain and swelling, improving circulation, and improving range of motion.” (ref: Body Massage After A Car Accident.) From the benefits listed it appears that the best type of massage would be deep tissue massage.

Of course, this is not, by any means, medical advice. If you have pain, stress, or swelling after an accident get medical advice from your doctor. Depending on the injury, if you’re ready for it, your doctor may give you the OK to get massage therapy.

Another Facebook note that I found says “A therapist who attends to a client with any type of accident related injuries will assess the areas of injury for range of motion, elasticity and pain tolerance. The therapist should always be aware of the restrictions in their movements and also the tenderness of the areas to be massaged.”

Have you ever had a deep tissue massage or massage therapy after an accident and did you find it useful?


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