Meth Users Causing Car Accidents

Currently in Los Angeles there is an epidemic of people getting sick from using synthetic marijuana on skid row. Fortunately for the rest of us most people on skid row do not have a vehicle to drive around in while high.

That isn’t the case with meth addicts though. Recently in Spokane Valley a driver high on meth caused an accident. A news article says that all of the crash victims survived although one ended up with broken ribs and lacerations to the spleen and kidney.

At the moment it is unclear if the driver who was under the influence of meth was given a DUI ticket. Injured victims can probably still seek compensation though. A local Spokane accident lawyer points out on their Spokane accident page that “Traffic citations are unsupported opinions of police officers that a traffic offense occurred.” and have little to do with the injured victim’s ability to collect on compensation.

With meth becoming more and more popular in the Sunshine State, drivers should watch out for SUVs plowing through intersections with tweaking drivers.

NBC Right Now/KNDO/KNDU Tri-Cities, Yakima, WA |

Why do meth users drive?

Meth users often have increased physical activity. This is because meth is a powerful stimulant.


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