Mother and Daughter Murdered by YouTube User McSkillet?

A quarter million dollar McLaren allegedly driven by “McSkillet” crashed into a SUV in San Diego this last week. Some say the car was doing over 100MPH while going the wrong direction on the freeway.

Many say that McSkillet probably committed suicide due to being depressed after not being able to play a certain video game any longer.

Tragically, a mom and her little girl were killed in this horrific crash. If ruled intentional, it is likely to be called a “murder” under current California state law.

Wrongful Death Lawsuits

After a crash involving recklessness, family members left behind should be aware that they may hold the responsible party accountable through a wrongful death lawsuit. While money can’t replace the lives lost, it is at least one form of compensation. In most cases, an insurer is who is sued but in a case like this you could likely sue the estate of the individual as well.

This is not legal advice, so be sure to speak to a qualified and experienced attorney who has a track record of successful wrongful death lawsuits for actual consultation.

In the meantime: GoFundMe

Please donate to this GoFundMe. Shortly after launching, the GoFundMe was at 10X the initial $5000 request for help:

Rest In Peace Aryana & Aileen Pizarro.


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