North Hills Driver Charged with Murder and DUI April 2016

A Los Angeles accident in April left one man dead and eight injured, among them five children.

The accident at the intersection of Haskell Avenue and Parthenia Street involved an SUV and a Toyota Sienna which ran a red light while fleeing a previous accident scene.

The minivan was flipped over and a 37-year-old man was killed.

People were ejected from both mini vans and nine people were taken to hospitals.

The deceased man was the father of one of the children in the minivan.

The  2000 Toyota 4Runner was driven by Saidy Samoyoa, 20, who was later charged with murder and DUI.

Samoyoa and her two male passengers were fleeing a previous accident at Sepulveda Boulevard and Parthenia about 10 minutes prior to the second, fatal accident.

Bail for Samoyoa, who was also severely injured, was set at $2 million.

While Samoyoa’s first interface with the legal system will be for criminal charges, the victims may wish to seek legal representation for various reasons.

Since Samoyoa is just 20 and is in the U.S. illegally, the odds of recovering damages in a lawsuit are pretty minimal.

However, the victims may wish to seek legal representation as they deal with insurance companies, for example.

There might be other issues arising from a situation like this that could require legal assistance. Seeking out legal counsel could be a wise move.


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  1. Jose says:

    This woman needs to serve a very strict sentence. It is very selfish, and demonic what she did to this family. How can she live with herself. The passengers must be held equally the same. There is no way anyone in the car would have respect for the law.

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