Over 1,000 DUI Arrests In CA During 2019’s Memorial Day

1,099 Californian drivers were arrested over Memorial Day weekend, CHP says

Traffic figures from 2019’s Memorial Day weekend show California Highway Patrol (CHP) arrested almost 1,100 drivers for DUI. Officials say that’s almost a 5 percent increase from DUI arrests over the same holiday in 2018.

These 1,000-plus DUI-related crashes all took place between Friday and Monday over Memorial Day weekend. CHP estimates about 20 of these crashes resulted in the deaths of 34 people.

Police officers noted about half of those killed in these DUI crashes were not properly secured at the time of their crash. Leaders at CHP hope this finding will remind all drivers to buckle up whenever they head out on the roads.

A recent analysis of data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration found that Memorial Day weekend has the highest rates of fatal crashes compared with other holidays. Analysts said, however, that July 4th was the worst single day for fatal car crashes in the USA.

Under California’s current laws, anyone over the age of 21 who is caught driving with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) over 0.08 percent will be charged with DUI. Drivers under 21-years-old could be arrested for DUI if they are caught with a BAC of 0.01 percent.

Ever since California voted to legalize recreational marijuana, police officers have noticed an increase in the number of people driving with cannabis in their system. Drivers must remember that it’s illegal to operate a vehicle under the influence of cannabis. California DMV also points out that it’s illegal for an open container of cannabis to be inside your motor vehicle.

In addition to alcohol and cannabis, CHP urges everyone to double check with a doctor any side effects related to prescription medications, supplements, and herbal remedies. Any substance that impairs your ability to drive could be labeled a DUI.

For more information on California’s DUI standards, please visit this digital handbook put together by CA DMV.

According to attorneys at Pacific Attorney Group, if you were injured in a crash, you should seek legal guidance and fight for justice.

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