Pacoima Hit-And-Run Kills One Driver In Parked Car

A hit-and-run crash in Pacoima early on December 9, 2018, killed one person and injured another.

According to ABC-7, this collision happened around 3:20AM between Branford and Telfair. Allegedly, the driver of a Chevy pickup was traveling east on Branford when s/he suddenly lost control of the truck and crashed into a parked car.

Unfortunately, a man was sleeping inside the parked vehicle at the time of the crash. When safety crews arrived on the scene, they soon pronounced this crash victim dead from his injuries.

Apparently the force of this crash was so great that it caused the first car to rear-end another parked vehicle. There was also one person sleeping in this second car during the collision. Thankfully, this second crash victim only sustained minor injuries.

Local police report the person who drove the pickup truck ran away from the scene on foot. Anyone with further information on this crash is urged to call the Foothill Community Police Station at (818) 756-8861.

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