Passenger Injury Claims in Sherman Oaks California

Most personal injury claims and lawsuits involve one driver filing a claim or lawsuit against another driver. Passengers have rights too, even when they’re injured in a single car accident when another vehicle isn’t involved. That’s what happened recently in Sherman Oaks when an SUV crashed into a building. Firefighters had to extricate both the driver and the passenger from the wreckage.

Passenger Claim Options:

All drivers on a roadway have a legal duty not to harm anybody else on or about that roadway. That duty extends to any passengers in a driver’s vehicle or inside of another driver’s vehicle. If you’re a passenger, and you’re injured as a result of the carelessness and negligence of your driver or another driver, you can seek compensation for your injuries and damages.

Single Vehicle Accidents

If you’re injured as a passenger in a single vehicle accident like the Sherman Oaks crash, it’s highly likely that 100% of the fault for the accident will be attributed to your driver. You can bring your personal injury claim against that driver.

Multiple Vehicle Accidents

In a crash involving two or more vehicles, you can bring your claim against all of the drivers involved. Liability is up to the insurance companies to determine. The passenger could get caught in the middle though, with everybody pointing their finger at everybody else and nobody wanting to take the majority of the liability. That can be resolved. The passenger can sue everybody involved, and they can try to do the same thing in court. A jury can then apportion liability.

Passenger Comparative Negligence

In all passenger injury cases, it’s highly unlikely that a passenger’s act or failure to act might have contributed to the accident. In a small minority of cases, a passenger might violate California Vehicle Code section 21701 by willfully interfering with the driver so as to affect his or her control of the vehicle.

Do you need a Sherman Oaks Accident Lawyer?

One or more insurance companies are probably going to want recorded statements from you. Politely refuse to give any statements at all. Those insurers already know what happened and how it happened. You’re under no legal duty to help an opposing insurance company with its defense of your claim against its insured person. If an insurance company’s representative tells you that your claim file will be closed without a statement from you, don’t believe a word of it.

If you are injured as a passenger in a similar car wreck in Sherman Oaks, contact us today. Our offices are located right here in town. Contact our Sherman Oak Accident Lawyers today.

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