Rain Triples Accidents in Los Angeles by Crazy Drivers in December 2016

December, 2016, Los Angeles is in “exceptional drought”. Lakes are drying up and it hasn’t rained here in quite some time. Until December 15th, that is.

December 15 the rain came pouring down, over 1 inch in many areas. Mud spilled out into roads and immediately several drivers in LA went crazy.

Seeing the dangerous conditions, they mashed on the gas pedal, sped through puddles, hydroplaned, slammed into each other, flipped big rigs over onto their sides, sent SUVs rolling down the freeway.

Normally, rain doubles the number of Los Angeles Car Accidents, but according to the LA Times, there were 165 crashes reported, significantly more than the 54 which took place the Thursday the week before.

Slow down out there, people!


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