Redondo Beach DUI Leaves Many Without Power

A crash at the intersection of Aviation Boulevard and Carnegie Lane in Redondo Beach Saturday, April 17th, has kept the intersection closed for another day. Crews have been working to reopen the intersection but are still performing repair work to clear the intersection and make it safe.

According to this article on CBS Local, the crash occurred late Saturday evening at 11:15 p.m. At that time, Ronald Applegate, 46, of Las Vegas crashed into a power pole and fire hydrant at the intersection. Apparently after ramming his Hyundai into both he came to a stop where authorities found him. Police say that he was driving under the influence at the time of the crash. After hitting the pole, live wires sat dangerously in the street. Several small fires started as a result of the live electricity, but authorities quickly got the scene under control. Nevertheless, the accident cut off power from neighborhoods two blocks away, affecting more than 1,400 Southern California Edison customers; in some of these locations power has only just been restored. Edison and police assure that the traffic signals in the area all work again, making the area safe to drive around.

Unfortunately, the intersection itself could not be opened yet. Crews have been working on the pole since the day after the crash, but the damage has not all been repaired, leaving the lanes only partially functional.

South Bay DUI task force took Applegate into custody soon after the crash. He was charged with felony driving under the influence and was booked into the L.A. County jail. Applegate has since left the jail on a $100,000 bail.

Those affected by a crash like this may want to consult an attorney. Victims of DUIs may be able to sue the perpetrator for relief from injuries. Thankfully in this crash no one but the drunk driver himself received any injuries, but many in other accidents may not prove so likely. Those hurt by a drunk driver should look at their legal options to see what relief they might receive for their injuries. Even those affected by this accident may want to look into a consultation with an attorney to learn their rights. Legal cases are very fact specific and only a licensed attorney can fully inform a victim of his or her potential options.


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