Sherman Way Deadly Car Accident Does Not Involve DUI

accidentIt seems to be the case that many deadly car accidents involves alcohol or drugs. Remember there are times in which two drivers happened to get into an accident in which there are no intoxicants involved. On Tuesday, April 28th there was such an accident on Sherman Way. A man in his 60s was driving east on Sherman Way, made a left hand turn on Woodman Avenue and collided with a vehicle going west.

The man that was driving the eastbound car was taken to a nearby hospital and was pronounced dead from the injuries of the accident. The driver of the vehicle going west was treated for injuries at the scene of the crash. With a left hand turn one would imagine a vehicle had to be going rather fast to cause fatal injuries. A “t-bone” situation with a driver turning right is often more dangerous because the driver has to bear the brunt of the impact through just the drivers side door. An impact on the passenger side door must have been at an unusual angle or at high speeds.

The man that died in the accident was a male hispanic. Los Angeles Police Department officer Liliana Preciado said there was no DUI involved and this was being treated as simply a traffic accident. If you have any more information on this particular case please feel free to comment below. If you live in Van Nuys and you know more about the intersection of Sherman Way and Woodman Avenue have you seen a major accident around this area?


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