Swimming Pool Accident at Demi Moore’s Home

demi mooreActress Demi Moore (aka Demi Guynes), is a well known actress with a home in Los Angeles. Unfortunately, on July 19, 2015, a 21yr old was found dead in the swimming pool at her home. An initial report by ABC30 says that Demi was not at home at the time of the incident.

This case in ongoing and details are not yet available.

Swimming pool accidents

Swimming pools are great for relaxing, fun, and exercise. Unfortunately, accidents occur and people can become severely injured or lose their life.

Just a few conditions which can make swimming pools dangerous include:

  • Lack of ladders
  • Damaged latters
  • Lack of lighting
  • Cloudy water
  • Inadequate pool pkeep
  • Crowded pool
  • Negligent lifeguards

A good attorney with experience in swimming pool accidents will carefully examine all aspects the incident and contributing factors.

If you are a homeowner or a landlord consider installing a swimming pool on a property, be sure to read the Swimming Pool Safety Act of the California Health and Safety Code. The Safety Code defines a swimming pool as any swimming or recreational bathing over 18 inches deep, which includes hot tubs and spas.

image credit by David Shankbone (flickr) [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons


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