Three Injured In South Park Crash Involving LAPD Vehicle

Photo by kat wilcox from Pexels

Photo by kat wilcox from Pexels

A pair of LAPD officers and one teen driver were involved in a head-on collision on February 1, 2020. LAPD is still investigating what caused this crash in the South Park district.  

According to the Los Angeles Times, this collision happened just before 1:00 AM between Vernon Avenue and Broadway. When first responders arrived on the scene, they immediately transported the crash victims to area hospitals.   

Two of the people injured in this crash were LAPD officers riding in a patrol vehicle. The other driver involved in this crash is 18-years-old. There’s no word yet whether police were pursuing the teen driver.

Currently, all three crash victims are in local hospitals. Doctors believe they will all make a recovery from their injuries. 

Shortly before this collision, KTLA reported on a crash involving a patrol car and an SUV in Florence. Allegedly, the driver in the SUV stole the vehicle and sped through a red light. Around 11 PM on January 31, 2020, this driver allegedly struck an LAPD vehicle between San Pedro and 76th streets. 

Two LAPD officers were taken to area hospitals while the SUV driver was taken in for questioning. At this moment, it’s unclear if these two crashes are related. 

LAPD investigators are still trying to determine what happened in the South Park crash. Anyone with further information should reach out to the LAPD’s helpline at (877) 275-5273. 

For more information on both of these crashes, you could visit the LAPD’s official website at

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