Travis Barker Hit by School Bus in Rare Accident

On July 13, 2018, Travis Barker was involved in a wreck in Calabasas. Allegedly, a school bus ran a red light, plowing into the side of the drummer’s Mercedes Benz G-Class, commonly called a G-Wagon.

Thankfully, no students were on board the bus and the Blink-182 member wasn’t seriously injured, nor were his passengers.

School Bus Accidents are Rare, T-Bone Accidents are Not.

Annually, around 130 people are killed in fatal school bus accidents. That’s a very low number. School Buses have a good track record because they are highly visible and one of the most regulated vehicles on the road.

However, bus drivers are human and mistakes will be made. A small distraction or driver error will result in a crash in the blink of an eye. According to, one of the most common types of car accidents is a T-Bone accident. They list the other most common types of vehicle accidents here: As you’d expect, rear-end collisions are another common type of crash.

Is Blink-182 Still On Tour?

According to E! News, Barker is recovering from (unrelated) blood clots. After several postponed shows, fans in Chicago are hoping he will make it to Riot Fest 2018 to perform in September.


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