Uber Driver Rapes Drunk 17yr Old Girl

Samer Alaaeldin MahranEven when someone doesn’t plan on committing a crime, it only 2 factors have to be present for it to occur: desire and opportunity.

A 23yr old Hunting beach man, Samer Alaaeldin Mahran, was arrested for raping a passed out 17yr old Uber passenger of his. Instead of giving her a safe ride home, he allegedly took advantage of her while she was unconscious.

According to an ABC article, the victim’s family member called 911 and Laguna Beach police said they identified Mahran by using his description, license plate number and driver profile on the Uber app.

The Uber driver was actually released on bail shortly after being arrested for four felonies. It is shocking that they let someone like this back onto the streets.

We are not sure why the judge set the bail so low.


  • one felony count of rape by use of drugs
  • one felony count of forcible oral copulation upon a minor over 14 years of age
  • one felony count of sexual penetration of a child over age 14 by foreign object and force
  • one felony count of unlawful sexual intercourse

Have you had a bad experience in a Los Angeles Uber?


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