What Angelenos Should Know About Auto Injuries And Wrongful Death Cases

In an ideal world, every driver in LA would obey the posted speed limits and use their signals before changing lanes. However, if you haven’t noticed already, this is far from an ideal world! Despite the heroic efforts of Vision Zero LA, car crashes in the City of Angels remain incredibly high. Whether you drive, bike, or walk around LA, you need to be on high alert for potential safety hazards.

Sadly, many motorists in Los Angeles get seriously injured each year due to other drivers’ negligence. In fact, a recent report found that over 235 Angelenos died in auto accidents in 2019. That makes car crashes one of the most common causes of premature death in the city.

Crash Near Van Nuys Airport Kills Driver

Most recently, there was a fatal crash in Van Nuys on the first Thursday in August 2020. As CBSLA reports, this three-car crash happened around 9:00 PM not far from the Van Nuys Airport.

When firefighters arrived at 16400 block on West Vanowen Street, they found two people with severe injuries. One of these motorists was soon pronounced dead. First-responders rushed the second crash victim to a nearby hospital for treatment.

Firefighters said there was a third person involved in this crash, but he or she didn’t remain on the scene. At this point, the LA Fire Department suspects this third motorist fled the area.

Anyone with further information on this crash should give the LA Fire Department or LAPD a call.

What Could LA Families Do After A Fatal Accident?

We know it’s the last thing on your mind after hearing about a fatal accident, but family members need to file a wrongful death claim ASAP. The faster you process your wrongful death claim, the better chance you can seek financial assistance in your time of need.

According to California’s Code of Civil Procedure § 377.60, the deceased crash victim’s wife or husband has the right to seek a wrongful death claim. If the victim has no surviving spouse, then any children should file a claim. Lastly, the crash victim’s parents could legally file a wrongful death claim in California.

How Should LA Residents Proceed with Car Crash Injury Claims?

Over the years, we’ve heard from many injured clients who are afraid to receive medical care after getting involved in a car crash. Although we understand that medical expenses can be high, we always recommend taking care of your injuries as soon as you can. Even if you don’t feel pain, it’s wise to visit a registered doctor after your crash.

Only after receiving life-saving care should you get in touch with an LA personal injury lawyer. One of our trained attorneys will listen to your concerns about medical bills, time lost at work, psychological distress, and auto damage. We will also give you our expert advice on the best way to proceed.

To help your chances of success in court, we always advise drivers or passengers to get as much information as possible. A few critical pieces of info to look out for include:

  • License plates of other cars involved in the crash.
  • Exact location and time of the crash.
  • Responding officer’s name and unit number.

If possible, you should also take detailed pictures of the crash site and car damage. You could also ask for any contact information from eyewitnesses. All of these details can help your lawyers put together a strong case.


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