215 Freeway Crash in Riverside Leads to Two DUI Arrests

On Monday morning, October 17th, 2016 two drivers, a man and woman, were arrested under the suspicion of DUI. The drivers were part of a multi vehicle crash that injured several on the 215 Freeway in Riverside, California. Like many early morning crashes, this was a chain reaction crash in which one vehicle rear ended another causing a number of vehicles to end up rear ending the vehicle in front of them.

The crash happened on the northbound 215 south of Center Street around 2:50 a.m. The crash started when a Ford F-150 truck “ran over” a Kia from behind. This pushed the Kia into the vehicle in front of it. The Kia was then disabled between the freeway’s first and second lanes. As most can imagine, this is a very dangerous situation no matter what time of day it is.

One of our expert DUI and DWI lawyers, Mario Madrid, has explained, on numerous occasions, that the most dangerous type of DUI crash is when a vehicle is disabled yet still in a freeway, interstate or in the middle of a major intersection. This leaves the driver, passengers and many others in a vulnerable position. When a crash happens late at night or early in the morning it means the roads are not as busy. This also means other drivers will be traveling at a high rate of speed when they enter the area of the accident and disabled vehicle.

As was the case with this particular DUI crash. A Honda Civic approached the area of the crash and collided with the Kia. Unfortunately, an injured female passenger in the Honda was rushed to a nearby hospital and was pronounced dead. For personal reasons, her name and age were not released to the public.

A 28 year old man was driving the Kia. In the crash he suffered moderate injures but was not in a condition in which his life was in danger. At the present time, the extent of his injuries is unknown.

The names of the two drivers that were arrested under suspicion of DUI were release – 30-year-old John Williams, driving the Ford F-150 pickup truck and 32-year-old Tanya Espinoza, who was driving the Honda Civic that collided with the Kia after it had become disabled.

If you know anything further about this crash please contact CHP’s Riverside area-office by calling 951-637-8000. As always, we try our best to help those that need more information as it pertains to a particular vehicular accident in Los Angeles or any part of Southern California. Do not hesitate to comment below, anonymously, if you have information that could assist the authorities with this case.

An interesting side note to this crash is the fact that more accidents were reported on Monday, August 17th, 2016 due to the fact that Los Angeles actually had some unusual weather – rain. Precipitation falling from the sky in Los Angeles, and most of Southern California, is quite unusual at any time in the year. Los Angeles drivers are definitely not accustomed to driving in the rain; especially during their morning or evening commute.

Did you see any accidents in the rain this morning?


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