Dennis Rodman Car Crash Santa Ana CA

283px-Dennis_Rodman_2001In the middle of the night the other night someone was involved in an accident. Who hit them? Dennis Rodman, they claim.

But, was it really Dennis in the car accident? As that article states, we’re not sure yet! He is a person of interest. Basically, someone said they were hit by him. It doesn’t mean it was actually Dennis.

But it wouldn’t be his first time involved with an accident, DUI, or drinking incident. There’s the time he got drunk and defecated all over a hotel in North Korea, smelled like booze at the car wash, and other incidents back in 2000 just to name a few.

You may know Dennis from the NBA, Hall of Fame, or The Apprentice with Donald Trump.


Image Credit: By huangweiqing / Walter Huang [1]Dennis Rodman, 2001, CC BY 2.0,


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