Distracted Driving Crash in Los Angeles Leads to gross vehicular manslaughter Charge

It appears that sometimes when people are playing with their phone and cause an accident resulting in someone’s death, they may be arrested and tried for gross vehicular manslaughter.

Of course, I am not an attorney and if you are seeking legal advice you should speak to a licensed attorney.

Today NBC Los Angeles reported that a driver was distracted on their phone and rearended a car that was nearly stopped while speeding along at 85MPH.

The driver who was rearended was in a Hyundai and was tragically killed.

Unfortunately, distracted driving accidents are on the rise. This clever article, Car Accidents in Los Angeles by Drivers Using Social Media, says:

“…motorists who takes their eyes off the road to check a status update while traveling at 55MPH travels the length of a football field in under 5 seconds. According to the FCC, 18% of fatal auto accidents are caused by a distracted driver…”

The article on car accidents by distracted drivers is written by an experienced Los Angeles car accident attorney Allen Vaysberg. He also has many statics on his page Los Angeles Auto Accident Lawyer, such as the most congested roads in Los Angeles and many other frequently asked questions about car accidents and Los Angeles traffic.

In the case above, the distracted driver was driving a Toyota Prius which may have looked like this one:

Crashed Prius


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