Michelle Lee Shirley Shot by Police in Torrance CA

According to a NY Daily News article, a woman left the scene of an accident on Monday, October 31, 2016. After a chase, her car was boxed in. As seen in the video below, it appears that she was trying to escape when police opened fire, killing her. The pistols sound like popcorn as shot after shot go off. It is estimated that 15 – 25 rounds were fired.

Police have identified the deceased woman as Michelle Lee Shirley, a mom who leaves behind a 14yr old son.

Did you see this take place?

Were the officer’s lives in danger? Did police do the right thing? Will lawyers become involved? What happened in the first accident?


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  1. Michael Olson says:

    After it first happened, I was at scene immediately after shots were fired as I was getting my mail in front of the “Meridian” which is the building pictured in the video, I thought the police exhibited some degree of restraint in apprehending a felon as they did not empty their clips. But now knowing that it was just a driver under the influence(in this case mentally unstable) to have used gun fire seems way beyond necessary force.

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