Van Nuys Has The Worst Intersections In LA

It probably comes as no surprise that 40 percent of traffic collisions happen at intersections. With so many motorists moving in different directions, there are bound to be a few accidents in these areas. Not only are intersections busy, they also tend to have blind spots that make it difficult to turn safely (aka “blind intersections”).

As Angelenos already know, LA is home to many accident-prone intersections. But what district do you think has the most dangerous crossroads? Understandably, many people assume Downtown has the worst traffic safety conditions. Although Downtown has the highest number of total crashes, Van Nuys has the worst intersections in LA.

If you frequently drive around Van Nuys, you have to check out the safety data we’ve compiled below. In this post, we’ll also share the most common reasons for intersection crashes and how you could contact our personal injury lawyers.

Van Nuys Tops New Study For Worst LA Intersections

According to a new report by Crosstown LA, Van Nuys has some of the city’s most dangerous intersections. In this study, researchers focused on official LAPD crash records from 2019. Shockingly, LAPD’s traffic data suggested there were roughly 200 traffic crashes in Van Nuys last year.

As experts mapped out their findings, they discovered the intersection of Sherman Way and Sepulveda Boulevard had the highest number of reported crashes in LA County. In 2019, there were 47 traffic accidents at this Van Nuys intersection.

Not far from Sherman Way and Sepulveda was yet another dangerous Van Nuys intersection: Burbank Boulevard and Sepulveda. Analysts found 40 reported crashes at this intersection, making it the third worst-performing crossroad in LA.

Here are a few of the other Van Nuys intersections that performed poorly:

  • Sherman Way and Woodman Avenue
  • Sherman Way and Van Nuys Boulevard
  • Victory Boulevard and Sepulveda
  • Sherman Way and Kester Avenue
  • Erwin Street and Sepulveda

As you could see, all of these intersections are connected with either Sherman Way or Sepulveda Boulevard.

Although these stats don’t bode well for Van Nuys’ safety image, Crosswalk LA did point out the district is making progress. Indeed, compared with 2018, Van Nuys saw a 3.8 percent drop in total collisions.

To read Crosswalk LA’s report in full, you could take a peek at this official website.

What Causes Car Accidents At LA Intersections?

As mentioned above, intersection design is partially to blame for the elevated risk of collisions. That doesn’t mean, however, that human error doesn’t play a role. Indeed, many intersection collisions are caused in part by preventable actions.

According to the researchers at Crosswalk LA, one of the most frequent explanations behind Van Nuys collisions was distracted driving. Van Nuys residents have also repeatedly complained to local leaders about speeding.

Other common reasons behind intersection collisions include:

  • Running red lights
  • Tailgating
  • DUI
  • Sharp turns
  • Improper signaling

Unfortunately, none of us know when we’ll be sharing the road with a negligent driver. If you are involved in an LA County crash, please be mindful to address your injuries, document everything you can remember about the accident, get witness contact information and statements, and contact an experienced Van Nuys personal injury attorney.


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